Should you listen to a TikTok influencer for career advice?

Can the best career advice come from TikTok?

By U2B Staff 

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Platforms such as LinkedIn have become the go-to place for job seekers and professionals who are seeking career advice and words of wisdom to help them navigate the murky waters of the working world. 

A less conventional option that is slowly rising in popularity is a social platform popular among Gen Z — TikTok. 


TikTok is famous for their dance and other forms of entertainment videos, but don’t be too quick to dismiss the app as a educational resource — there are also plenty of career coaches offering career advice on the platform.

While the app is famous for attracting a younger demographic of people, there are still plenty of resources that could also be useful for older professionals too.

Whether you need advice on having a great first day at work to finding tips for avenues to look for work, TikTok has you covered.

Here are five accounts worth exploring.

TikTokers offering career advice


How much are you worth to employers? Should you ask a company about its negative online reviews? Why do job interviews get cancelled? Should you discuss salary during the first stage of the interview process?

There’s a wealth of information here that could come in handy for professionals of all backgrounds.

Job Doctor Tessa

With almost 250,00 likes, Tessa White offers a variety of career advice that could be applicable to both new and seasoned professionals. 

Whether you need ideas on how to network your way to a job, how to find a mentor to negotiating a job offer, this “job doctor” has you covered in her bite-sized videos. 


Why do we fear failure, or feel guilty when we’re not productive? How do we become less self-critical? How do we push back when we’re given too much work? How do you respond to a low-ball offer?

This account by Shadé Zahrai provides some guidelines on answering these big questions and more. It’s no wonder she has amassed close to a million followers.


This account covers a number of interesting work-related topics, be it about apps that you can use to facilitate your job hunt, how to set boundaries in the workplace to avoid giving unscrupulous coworkers a story that could land you in hot soup, to the best jobs for highly introverted people. 

So whether you’re someone who’s struggling with anxiety in the workplace or simply need help on the best way to resign from a job, careerwithboris has you covered.



Jenny Logullo is a career coach for creatives and solopreneurs. The first-generation college graduate dolls out handy advice — some of them based on her own mistakes — to help others in their careers

So, whether you’re applying for jobs but struggling to quantify your achievements or are wondering about the pros and cons of working in a small or large organisation, you can find all that and more on Logullo’s TikTok account.