GMAC launches GMAT exam Chinese microsite

GMAC established the microsite for prospective students from the region to access accurate and comprehensive information.

By U2B Staff 

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The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) has launched the official GMAT exam Chinese website,, to better serve prospective students from the region pursuing a graduate business degree. GMAC owns and administers the GMAT.

The announcement on May 26 said it recognised the growing interest in graduate management education (GME). It established the microsite for prospective students from the region to access accurate, comprehensive, and authoritative information about the GMAT and GME in their native language.


“Through the localised and targeted content, the GMAT Chinese website, along with GMAT’s official WeChat account that went live earlier this year, provide the critical digital platforms to create and strengthen the connection between Chinese-speaking talents and the world’s leading business schools in the region and beyond, and filling an information gap in the market,” said GMAC.

Chinese students hungry for graduate management education

According to GMAC’s 2021 Prospective Students Survey Report published in March, the level of concern about the impact of COVID-19 has been declining over time. The proportion of Chinese respondents reporting that they are extremely or very concerned has dropped from 71% in July 2020 to 48% in November last year. 

The report also found that the Chinese respondents planning to pursue an MBA outside their country are not changing their original plans despite the pandemic, with 89% planning to pursue their MBA in the US and 55% in the UK, making these two countries their top destinations of consideration.

“China has over the years grown into the second largest region for GMAT, after only the US,” said GMAC president and CEO Sangeet Chowfla. 

“As vaccines become more widely available and hope for economic recovery begins to take root, we expect to see more mobility and look forward to more Chinese students starting and returning to their journey of graduate business education in their own country or abroad, benefiting from the new Chinese-language platforms we are offering today.”


“The interest in and desire of Chinese business talents to pursue graduate management studies have not declined but only been put on hold,” said GMAC board director and CEIBS vice president and dean Yuan Ding. “The official GMAT Chinese website will help connect Chinese business talents all over the world with global business schools and leave no talents undiscovered.”

The GMAT is accepted by over 7,000 graduate business programmes worldwide. GMAT has been a leading assessment tool among the vast pool of talents in the greater China region for over six decades, it said.