Howard University-AWS collaborate to prepare students for cloud careers

SOURCE: Allison Shelley / Getty Images for DKC / AFP
Work trends come and go, but cloud computing has cemented itseld as an important trend in modern computing.

By Shekinah Kannan 

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Howard University has announced that it is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to upskill its students and build pathways to technical careers with cutting-edge cloud computing courses and training resources for educators.

Through this effort, students will have access to curriculum aligned to in-demand cloud careers, and developed in coordination with AWS experts to prepare students for the workforce, including hands-on experiences to help ensure alignment with the needs of employers seeking skilled cloud talent, said the university.


Howard University and AWS will work together to educate individuals on cloud technologies, building from concepts in AWS Educate – an online learning platform. 

The historically Black institution in Washington DC plans to integrate cloud computing concepts from the platform into new and existing higher education curricula. In the process, students will be given access to foundational cloud computing courses, and advanced technical topics like machine learning and computer vision.

The university will also lean on AWS experts to create a new master’s degree programme that focuses on data science. Together, they will work towards integrating cloud concepts into other areas of study that span business, computer science, and engineering. 

“Howard’s collaboration with AWS is focused on empowering students at various levels to learn and master the skills needed for a cloud career, exposing them to exciting opportunities throughout their educational experience,” said Provost and Chief Academic Officer Anthony K. Wutoh.

An emphasis on career-readiness

Apart from advancing technical skills through education, this collaboration will also enable students to access a cloud-focused job board. This will consist full-time, early-career roles, and internships at Amazon, its partners, and customers. 

To ensure they’re prepared, AWS leaders will engage with students to share information about company culture, leadership principles and interview tips. They will also shed light on the various career paths students could consider with their newfound knowledge. 

AWS will also support hack-a-thon and pitch competitions with sponsorship, prizes, and technical workshops to inspire future start-up and tech founders.


Howard University educators to reap rewards

Through AWS Training and various certification programmes, educators will also benefit from the collaboration. AWS plans to provide career advancement resources that will help them hone specialised skills.

Training will also cover a range of technical topics that include artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, cybersecurity, how to build an Alexa skill, and more.