Eight reasons to apply for the Data Science for Business Innovation course

Source: EIT Digital

By Karin Oost EIT Digital 

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Data Science is the booming science of today. But do you know what this science means for your business and how you can build a data science strategy? Well, here you have one reason to attend the upcoming EIT Digital Professional School executive course Data Science for Business Innovation.

There are seven more reasons to upskill yourself on data science with the course Data Science for Business Innovation. These come from Marco Brambilla, full professor and the lead of the Data Science Lab at Politecnico di Milano, who developed the course Data Science and Business Innovation for the EIT Digital Professional School. The course is aimed at executives, project managers, business translators, and Business or IT Architects.

1. To survive

Data is everywhere. What will happen to companies that are not able to collect data or ignore the data they collect? They become marginal. Do you want to be marginal? Clearly, this means you must be ready for a change. You will need to know the impact of data for your company, which data your company is already collecting, what you can do with it and what your competition is doing. You need to define strategies to deal with the changes. Even if you do not have the tools to apply huge data science projects, you still have to position your company in a market with a growing number of data-driven competitors. That is why you need to know what data science is about.

2. To get started

If you want to start to look into data science and data-driven organisation, taking this course is a good way to start to immerse yourself in Data Science. You get the foundations on how to interpret data, you discover ways to benefit from the data you are collecting, and the course guides you to start your data science strategy for your company. 

3. To improve your business

Data is of relevance for any business. Knowing about and understanding data can bring value to your company. It can help you optimising business processes, building knowledge, improving customer experiences, increasing brand awareness or any objective your company may have. With a clear data science strategy, you can respond quickly to changes in society, on the market, or to customer’s needs, which gives you a competitive edge. Any business goal you define and apply data science techniques brings business innovation. That is what you will learn in the course.

4. To lead a data-driven business

You cannot rely only on your experience in your market anymore. Knowledge of the vertical sectors is still important but is not enough. Assuming to know it all, is a risk. You need to learn about the concepts of data-driven organizations, how to get there and how to map business goals onto technological implications. The lecturers will teach you about new strategies that you could learn and benefit from. Companies that perceive reality starting from data and not from preconceptions are more open to change and evolution.

5. It is about business first

The added value of this data science course is that it puts the business first. You will master the foundations and key concepts of data science. You will learn to distinguish the pros and cons of different approaches, and you can define business questions, data and outcomes. The course tightly connects the business sides with the technological implications. The course is about business using technology to become data-driven aware. In addition, you will also grasp the foundations of the technical aspects. That means you will know what people mean when they talk about Machine learning, predictive analysis, and for example, image recognition. 

6. Interactivity

Unlike regular online courses, the training Data Science for Business Innovation is about experiencing data science from cases and interaction. Interaction with both the teachers and fellow course takers. You will work within groups on real cases using a data science method, you compare your solution to your peers and have discussions with the class and the teachers. The method is about building a process in a company based on business needs towards a data-driven company. Combined with the lectures, you grasp the concept of Data science that you can leverage in building your data science strategy.

7. Developed by Politecnico di Milano

The course Data Science for Business Innovation is developed by EIT Digital’s renowned partner Politecnico di Milano. This public academy and research institution has a strong connection with the industry and has a Data Science Lab to research data science in the industry.  The teachers will bring insights from their own experiences with the industry partners they work for and with. Brambilla says to be eager to disseminate what the researchers see and learn from company visits, their consultations and what they find in companies in what works and not. “We see many cases how data science can give significant benefits. We want to share our experience to avoid people making errors.”  

The first upcoming possibility to join this course is 15 June. You can apply via this the course page Data Science for Business Innovation.