Blockchain: Top universities with certifications for business professionals

SOURCE: Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images for the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival / AFP
First conceptualised in 2008 when Bitcoin came to be, the dynamic technology behind it — blockchain — has since evolved leaps and bounds.

By Shekinah Kannan 

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Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has been making headlines around the world, serving as the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The technology has made transactions more secure by recording information over a network of computers, making it tougher to tamper with.

Blockchain was first conceptualised in 2008 when Bitcoin came to be. It has since evolved by leaps and bounds. Its appeal includes being highly secure, traceable, and reliable and is transforming the way we complete transactions. 

Research notes that the technology is not slowing down anytime soon.

Gartner, a leading research and advisory consultancy, estimates blockchain technology will generate 3.1 trillion US dollars in new business value by 2030. The report also postulates that it will be ready for more mainstream adoption through 2023, which makes now the perfect time for individuals to explore a career in the field.


Many tech giants are also getting involved with cryptocurrency, including Amazon, IBM and Oracle. Reports note that central banks around the world are working on creating their own digital currency, further bolstering the importance of understanding blockchain if you’re hoping to carve yourself a career in the field.

To infiltrate these multinationals, the right qualifications can help – more so if they’re from a top university with experts in the field. 

These universities offer programmes designed specifically for today’s professional looking to upskill their way to the top in blockchain technology:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

MIT’s online Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application course is ideal for those interested in management executive education.

This six-week option offers learners a deeper understanding of the capabilities and limitations of blockchain technology. It was also designed to shed light on how blockchain powers the likes of Bitcoin.

Upon completion, enrollees leave with an attractive certification from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Cornell University

Cornell’s online Blockchain Essentials programme teaches how cryptocurrencies use the technology to facilitate peer-to-peer digital transactions.

It also explores the challenges blockchain technologies aim to solve while getting participants accustomed to how they can support the goals of a business.

The course is ideal for business leaders, technology leaders including CTOs, entrepreneurs, developers or software engineers. It concludes with a proposal for an application of the technology in their organisation. 

Harvard University

The Introduction to Blockchain and Bitcoin course by Harvard University covers the mathematical, computational, and economic foundations of the dynamic technology.

The course then exposes participants to the societal and legal implications of a decentralised monetary system based on consensus.

Through practice with bitcoin and Ethereum-based software platforms, learners build applications, develop an understanding of cryptographic principles, and revisit critical economic questions – such as what is money, what is a transaction, and who should authorise a transaction. 

University of California – Berkeley

Blockchain Technologies and Applications for Business is a two-month, online programme by UC Berkeley that was designed for business/technology strategists and consultants; entrepreneurs interested in launching new ventures relating to blockchain or cryptocurrencies; government officials; policymakers and civil servants; or investors looking to understand the blockchain ecosystem to inform investment decisions.

With an overview of blockchain technology, they learn about the cryptocurrency network and explore strategic applications of the technology in existing businesses.


University of Oxford

The online Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme provides learners with an understanding of the impact and the power of blockchain.

Despite being a remote learning programme, learners will still enjoy group-oriented case studies.

It also concentrates on the extensive use of showcases to lead participants through the latest successful strategies and experiences taking place in the field.

To achieve the learning objectives, Oxford brings learners close to a powerful range of contributors from world-leading data scientists, as well as a number of practising entrepreneurs, technologists and financiers from multiple sectors.

National University of Singapore

The Blockchain, Digital Currencies, and Distributed Ledgers Starts from Here course enables participants to understand the concepts of blockchain, digital currencies, and distributed ledger in order to apply them in their businesses.

Upon completion, they will be able to describe how digital currencies work and predict future trends of blockchain, digital currencies, and distributed ledgers. Interested mid-level or senior managers, advisory staff, CEOs and entrepreneurs can take on this course on campus or online.