Free cybersecurity course in Ireland

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Get a management perspective on cybersecurity.

By U2B Staff 

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IBAT College Dublin has secured government funding to provide its Cyber Security for Managers course for free to individuals who are not working and looking for a different career path in Ireland. Potential students who are employed will have access to a 90% subsidy on the course, said IBAT in a press release.  

Following a competitive tender coordinated by the Higher Education Authority in Ireland on behalf of the Government of Ireland, the funding is in recognition of the qualification being determined, by an expert panel, as a programme in an area where there are employment opportunities in the economy. 

Under the 2021 call for the Springboard+ upskilling initiative in higher education, 294 courses were approved for funding across 34 providers.


A management perspective on cybersecurity

IBAT College Dublin’s The Springboard+ Certificate in Cyber-Security for Managers course aims to develop the cybersecurity skills required by managers and others who will be able to take a wide-angle lens on security threats and solutions. 

The programme’s emphasis is on the management, more so than the mechanics of cybersecurity. This includes the cybersecurity strategy and planning for the organisation. 

The programme aims to equip graduates with appropriate leadership and management skills, and transversal skills ensuring the graduate is work ready and committed to continuing professional development.

“Cybersecurity is very much a hot topic as can be seen in the amount of media coverage around the world and is vital in ensuring the smooth running of everything from a range of industries, through defence, to banking and online shopping,” said IBAT College Dublin principal Joe Gorey.


Qualifying for IBAT College Dublin’s cybersecurity course

To qualify for a free Springboard+ course, potential students must be unemployed, actively seeking work and available to take up work. 

Employed individuals can enjoy subsidised course fees of up to 90% for courses at levels 7, 8 and 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications.

“We have been approved for 35 fully-funded places on the Cyber Security for Managers course,” said Joe Gorey. 

“This certificate will furnish managers across multiple disciplines with the awareness and level of expertise required to help identify potential weaknesses, act quickly in the event of an attack or system being compromised and how to deal with the aftermath of such an event.”

IBAT College currently has three complementary cyber courses, the 12-week online Diploma in Cyber and Digital Security, the 10-month Online Cyber Professional course and the online Diploma in CompTIA Security+.

The first intake of students receiving the funding will be in September 2021 and will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Click here for details.