5 Udemy courses to help you understand the basics of 5G

If used correctly, the advancement of wireless technology could mean faster business growth.

By Shekinah Kannan 

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5G is set to change lives and the world of business in ways previously unimaginable. If you’re eager to become part of this growth, it helps to upskill in 5G. Luckily, there are a number of online courses to help you dip your toe in the water, including Udemy courses.

The advancement of wireless technology doesn’t just mean faster Instagram page refreshes – if used correctly, it could facilitate business growth. As leading network providers begin to deploy 5G offerings, the benefits for individuals and businesses are set to be plenty and impactful. 

5G is the fifth generation of mobile wireless communication technology – an upgrade to the 4G network. 5G technology uses shorter, higher-frequency bands of the radio spectrum, promising lower latency, faster speeds and greater load capacity. Chipmaker Qualcomm believes that in real-world conditions, 5G could deliver browsing and download speeds 10 to 20 times faster than its predecessor.

“Whatever we do now with our smartphones we’ll be able to do faster and better,” says Ian Fogg from OpenSignal, a mobile data analytics company.


Due to both COVID-19 and technological advancement tweaking workplaces, businesses and professionals worldwide have had to rethink their offerings and toolkits respectively. That said, there’s no better time to upskill in 5G. Depending on your role and industry, it could help advance one’s career or help anyone develop a basic understanding of what the technology entails. 

There are many e-learning platforms that make this easy to do. On Udemy, there are 40 million learners partaking in 115 thousand courses, facilitated by 56 thousand instructors. Additionally, over 65 languages are covered. Clearly, there’s something on Udemy for everyone, and several options for those interested in grasping the basics of 5G.

Here are our top pick for Udemy courses in 5G:

Understanding 5G: The Next Evolution in Wireless

This programme uncovers the high-capacity wireless network that fuels self-driving cars, autonomous drones, the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and more. The course explores the meaning of 5G, its potential, and what it means for consumers, business owners, entrepreneurs, property owners, building managers, and everyday citizens.

5G, 4G LTE, 3G, 2G; Mobile/Cellular Networks For Beginners

This course serves as an introduction to the cellular communication systems that have changed our lives in the last four decades. In just 4.5 hours, through on-demand video, the programme discusses basic concepts before covering how they are applied.

Essentials of 5G: A Concise Technical Introduction

This Udemy course is facilitated by Dr. Nishith Tripathi (Samsung Research America and Virginia Tech) and Prof. Jeff Reed (Virginia Tech and Reed Engineering). It provides a concise technical overview of 5G through seven video lectures and a series of quizzes. Sessions are based on the world’s first 5G multimedia book: “5G Cellular Communications- Journey and Destination.”


5G and Wireless Communication for Beginners

This programme is designed to cater to the average cell phone user who wants to understand how 5G will impact our lives. It covers the easy, familiar beginnings of wireless communication, how Cloud aids 5G, what frequencies are, and more. Business insights and case studies are also featured alongside a series of mini assignments. 

5G: Architecture and Key principles

If you’re looking for Udemy courses that help you understand its history, this might just be ideal.  This two-hour programme covers the history of telecommunication networks, the key capabilities of 5G, its uses, the 5G architecture, as well as the key features in 5G Radio Access Network and the 5G Core Network. Upon completion, learners can expect to explain the key technical concepts of 5G in the simplest terms.