5 artificial intelligence podcasts to follow

SOURCE: Noam Galai / Getty Images for Spotify / AFP
Apart from free courses, online seminars, and in-depth reading material, podcasts are a great way to understand AI and keep track of new ways it's being used.

By Shekinah Kannan 

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Look back at the past and you’ll realise that our world has rapidly evolved in ways that were once unrecognisable — and we can thank artificial intelligence for this. 

This technology has changed lives and industries in various ways. It’s being used in hospitals, banks, retail outlets, and more. It fuels self-driving cars, it unlocks our phones, and predicts what we are trying to convey in our emails.


With technology moving at breackneck speed, keeping up with new developments becomes essential. Collectively, companies may spend billions on internal and external training initiatives for new and existing employees to ensure a talent pipeline. 

Whether you work with technology such as artificial intelligence or are merely a tech enthusiast, there are many ways to develop an understanding of the field. 

Why upskill with artificial intelligence podcasts?

Apart from free courses, online seminars, and in-depth reading materials, podcasts are a great way to understand artificial intelligence and keep track of new ways it’s being used. 

Podcasts are high in educational value, allowing you to learn something new in bite-sized chunks. They are also many that are delivered by industry experts and are highly accessible — you can listen to them in the car, at the gym, while you cook, or while waiting for your turn at the dentist.

Its accessibility and convenience means listeners can upskill at their own pace – thanks to mobile applications like Spotify and Overcast. Either options allows users to subscribe to channels and download multiple episodes. 

So which artificial intelligence podcasts should be on your list? Here are five worth exploring:

AI Today 

Hosted by Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer, this podcast focuses on relevant information on what goes in the world of artificial intelligence. They discuss pressing topics around the technology with content that is easy for anyone to comprehend. Episodes also feature interviews, and host experts that enthusiastically share their insights. 

AI in Business

This podcast is especially ideal for those looking to understand the application and implications of artificial intelligence in various industries. Every week, the founder of Emerge – an AI research and advisory company – interviews top executives, investors, and researchers from globally renowned organisations.

Eye on A.I.

In this bi-weekly podcast – hosted by New York Times correspondent Craig S. Smith – each episode introduces individuals making a difference in the world of artificial intelligence. It aims to put incremental advances into a broader context and consider the global implications of the developing technology.


The Data Skeptic

If you’re looking for an easily-digestible podcast that covers the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, data science, and machine – this is the one for you. In just 10 to 15 minutes, each episode consists of great interviews with both practitioners and academics. Kyle Polich begins each episode with primers on advanced topics such as k-means clustering, natural language processing, decision trees, and more. 

Brain Inspired

This podcast is hosted by neuroscientist Paul Middlebrooks. Three times a month, Middlebrooks dives into everything artificial intelligence, aiming to educate, challenge, inspire, and entertain those interested in bridging the gap between neuroscience and artificial intelligence. He speaks to many experts who are doing just that, sharing new theories about the field.