Learn the fundamentals of design thinking with these Udemy courses

SOURCE: Jerod Harris / Getty Images for Airbnb / AFP
Airbnb went from failing with a revenue of US$200 a week to thriving as a billion-dollar business. They credited their transformation to design thinking.

By Shekinah Kannan 

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Did you know that many of the world’s most lucrative companies rely on design thinking for business success? This includes globally-renowned organisations such as Apple, Nike, IBM, and Bank of America. This suggests that the design thinking process can benefit people across various industries.

Home rental company Airbnb, for instance, went from earning a measly revenue of 200 US dollars a week to a thriving billion-dollar business. They credited their transformation to design thinking.

The term refers to both the creativity and critical thinking used during the process of developing products and solutions. Its methodology has a wide range of applications. 


For example, the design thinking process could be used to help companies understand their customers or users better, improve business processes, and create new products or services that solve real-world problems, among a host of other things.

Whether you’re an aspiring CEO, an innovator with an idea, or a professional in product design – upskilling in design thinking can take your career to new heights. 

If you’re looking for online resources that are easy on the budget, Udemy has some 40 million learners partaking in 115 thousand courses, facilitated by 56 thousand instructors. Additionally, over 65 languages are covered. The platform also hosts a suite of programmes for those interested in grasping the basics of design thinking. 

If you would like to upskill in design thinking with one or a couple Udemy courses, here are five picks to add to your list:

Design Thinking for Beginners: Develop Innovative Ideas

This hour-long course serves as an introduction to the principles of design thinking. It also covers how it can be implemented in the workplace. With on-demand video, 13 downloadable resources and more – participants will learn to apply the five-step design thinking process, empathise with users, define core problems, prototype and test ideas, and pitch effectively. 

Develop your innovation – Certified Design Thinking Bootcamp

This 2.5-hour bootcamp was designed to teach the universal method of designing new products and innovating solutions to various challenges. It explores the phases of the design thinking process, managing the process, leveraging tools, and creating real case projects that can be implemented in the workplace.

Complete Design Thinking Masterclass

Taught by Andy Woynarowski, this 4.5-hour course teaches learners everything there is to know about design thinking. It is one of few that deep dives into the entire process in great detail, teaching methods focused on business requirements analysis, customer research, problem definition, ideation, prototyping, testing and impactful delivery. 

Design Thinking Crash Course | From Beginner to Practitioner

This three-hour programme delivers certification to those who complete 85 minutes of core video content and an additional 105 minutes on a design thinking challenge. Prior to taking on the challenge, the course offers a step-by-step guide on using design thinking to solve issues in produce, services, businesses, organisations, or corporate strategy.

Design Thinking Guide for Successful Professionals

In this two-hour course – designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, or managers – participants learn to take full advantage of various design thinking tools and resources to transform their businesses or advance their careers. With successful stories explained in detail, participants will learn to understand the design thinking process and its various components.