Here’s a short and snappy way to build new skills for your career

Time-strapped professionals who want to learn something new and build their network might want to consider enrolling in a postgraduate summer school programme.

By U2B Staff 

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Learning new skills is essential for anyone’s career growth and overall professional development. 

While traditional online courses or even postgraduate programmes are some of the tried and tested ways to gain new skills and expand one’s knowledge, another option that professionals might want to consider is a postgraduate summer school programme.


Postgraduate summer school programmes enable professionals to learn new skills within a short period. While they don’t culminate with a degree, they give learners a chance to learn from experts at universities, widen their professional network, and — depending on the programme — engage in extracurricular activities to broaden students’ horizons.

These programmes are offered by many universities worldwide, including some of the world’s most renowned institutions, with varying eligibility criteria.

Learning new skills when you’re short on time

You can find a wide range of topics being offered as a postgraduate summer school programme, which typically lasts a few weeks. They aim to help learners enhance their knowledge in a particular area, from business to data science and biomedicine. 

No two programmes are alike.

EIT Digital, for instance, offers a wide range of summer school programmes that are ideal for master students, young professionals and PhD students and others who want to deep-dive in emerging digital technologies, learn how to turn technology into business and eventually launch deep-tech startups.

Some of their programmes include Big Data for Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation for Organisational Resilience and the Internet of Things and Business Transformation. 

“You’ll learn from the faculty and staff of our prestigious top tech EU universities, while developing your skills through a combination of online lectures, company presentations, mentoring, and teamwork and group discussions,” said EIT Digital on its website.

Students will work on important real-world issues alongside exceptional people and business professionals.


IE University notes that its graduate summer school programme serves as a challenging academic course with enriching extracurricular activities. Learners will expand their global network, work in multicultural teams diving in deep on current topics and expanding their cultural horizons.

In the UK, Imperial College London’s postgraduate summer school programme allows learners to study their courses fully online or through our multi-mode delivery format. Their programmes include Revolutions in Biomedicine, which will explore in-depth the dimensions of a pandemic — populations, point mutations, people and patients. 

Students of the programme will learn from world-renowned academics who have been at the forefront of Imperial’s COVID-19 research.

Ultimately, postgraduate summer programmes can serve as enriching experiences for professionals who want to engage in a short course that allows them to build their network and expand their knowledge.

Many of these universities may also offer students support for their applications for postgraduate study at each respective university upon completion of their summer programme.