Here’s how the right training can propel your career forward

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By U2B Staff 

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Lifelong learning has become a necessity in our tech-driven era. Innovations are coming more quickly, bolstering the need for professionals to ensure their skills align with the future needs of companies.

In 2017, a McKinsey report said while automation and AI will lift productivity and economic growth, millions of people worldwide may need to switch occupations or upgrade their skills as a result.

They add that the potential impact of automation on employment varies by occupation and sector, but activities most susceptible to automation include individuals in roles such as machine operations and fast food preparation. 

Those whose jobs involve collecting and processing data — such as accounting and paralegal work — may also be at risk of automation.

Ultimately, regardless of which stage professionals are in their careers, it’s essential to be prepared for the demands that come with the fast-changing economy, which entails broadening their skill sets and talents. 

This will open them to new opportunities, help them to climb up the higher rungs of the career ladder or help them stay relevant in their industry.

There are many training providers available in the market, with flexible learning opportunities for young adults to seasoned professionals looking to build their knowledge and talents. 

However, gaining an education from an accredited education provider will serve as a seal of quality for your investment. It also ensures that your programmes comply with rigorous standards.

Whether you’re looking to gain advanced skills to future-proof your career or to dive into a new industry and start from scratch, established training providers can offer some respite in your journey. Here are two worth exploring:

Inspire Education

Lifelong learning
Inspire Education offers a plethora of courses, including in fields such as aged care and disability support. Source: Inspire Education

If you’re based in Australia and are looking for affordable and nationally-accredited online courses and qualifications to access a range of jobs and careers, you might want to consider Inspire Education.

Inspire Education is a leading provider of training courses in Australia. Their flexible delivery and study options will give you what you need to go about your daily life.

Whether you’re juggling your family, a hectic career, personal commitments or a combination of the three, their online courses will allow you to seamlessly integrate learning into your busy life.

Driven by their ethos, “Find Your Spark”, Inspire Education aims to help students find their spark for learning and launch them into a career they’ll love. This is done by continuously enhancing the student experience, such as their recently upgraded student portal and online courses platform, while having trainers with rich industry experience to help students flourish in their learning.

Learning here is top-notch. As a student, you’ll enjoy a range of study options, be it via online study, self-paced learning, virtual workshops, live and prerecorded webinars, as well as online and multi-device support so you can learn anywhere and anytime you want to. Their online programmes are also nationally recognised and accredited — and you’ll benefit from their student resources and course materials in the sector.

Inspire Education offers vocational training across a broad range of industries and is a respected provider of training right across Australia.

The company continues to add courses and qualifications to suit a wide range of students across a wide range of circumstances.

Presently, Australia has a critical shortage and massive demand of labour in the aged and disability care workforce. If you’re interested in carving yourself a fulfilling career in aged care or disability support, Inspire Education offers all of the major aged care and disability courses you need for jobs in the field.

This includes Certificate III in Individual Support (Home and Community), Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing), Certificate III Disability, Certificate IV in Ageing Support and Certificate IV in Disability, among others.

Ultimately, Inspire Education’s flexible courses, culturally diverse students and quality programmes are helping to improve the employment options of many Australians.

The Knowledge Academy

Lifelong learning
The Knowledge Academy has trained over a million delegates to date. Source: The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is a global provider of training courses with extensive experience in providing high-quality learning solutions. The company delivers over 30,000 courses, in over 1,000 locations, across 190 countries. 

They have trained over a million delegates to date, and this speaks volumes about the brand’s calibre and trust among its customers.

The quality of their teaching and course material is reflected by the professional bodies that accredit a wide range of their programmes, including Axelos, APMG, The Open Group, PMI, APM, Microsoft and ISACA, to name a few.

This ensures you develop industry-relevant skills and have the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in your career. 

Regardless of your professional background or industry, anyone can benefit from The Knowledge Academy’s courses. They deliver training solutions to corporate, government agencies, public sectors, multinational organisations and private individuals. 

If you’re looking for bespoke training to address your company’s business pain points, you can also enjoy their inhouse and onsite training solutions within the comfort of your office or a familiar surrounding. 

The Knowledge Academy also offers strategic consulting services to help you identify training needs, to be delivered by their training specialists or staff from your own department.

The company also delivers training in a wide range of areas, from IT Technical, Personal Development, Human Resources and Management courses to Project, Programme and IT Service management.

Learning is also impactful — as a delegate, you can expect to learn from subject matter experts who know how to make their topics engaging, memorable and valuable. 

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