Google for Startups: Learn the best practices for growing your business

Google for Startups aims to “connect startups with the right people, products, and best practices."

By U2B Staff 

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Not all startup founders have access to training or resources to help them grow their business, but Google for Startups can serve as a helpful resource centre.

Google for Startups aims to “connect startups with the right people, products, and best practices to help your startup grow.”

In a company blog post in 2018, Google for Startups VP Lisa Gevelber said startups could use Google’s products, connections and best practices to help them with their business.


Launch your app

“Soon-to or recently launched app-based startups can apply to Start on Android, which helps developers test, iterate, optimise and launch their app on Google Play,” said Gevelber.

“Start on Android helps developers test, iterate, and optimise their app before launching on Google Play. Selected developers get hands-on support, access to best practices, technical support, and other perks,” notes its website.

You’ll have access to a dedicated support team; gain valuable feedback to help improve app performance before releasing them to a broader audience; get access to promotional and featuring opportunities on Google Play to help drive awareness of your title from open beta to launch; and connect to Google resources.

Build your network

If you’re looking to grow your connections with mentors, investors, educational programming and opportunities, you might want to take advantage of Launchpad Accelerator.

“Google Developers’ regional accelerators are tailored specifically to their local markets and provide access to the best of Google—its people, network, and advanced technologies—helping startups build great products,” notes its website.

“Using the knowledge gained from running startup accelerators, this model has been used to reach other audiences such as game developers and non-profits.”

Participants who join the programme will benefit from equity-free support, access to Google engineers and intensive mentoring from 20+ teams, and access to Silicon Valley experts and top local mentors, among others.


Tap into the best technology

Benefit from Google’s best practices with Google Cloud by tapping into their innovative technology and holistic support.

The company notes that thousands of startups around the world have grown their businesses with Google Cloud.