How women can upskill or reskill in tech for free with SheDares

With SheDares, women across the globe will be able to knock down the barriers between themselves and lucrative careers in tech.

By Shekinah Kannan 

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According to reports, women are severely underrepresented in tech. They have long faced challenges in getting equal pay to their male counterparts, to issues relating to workplace culture.

According to Statista, women made up 28% to 42% of the workforce in Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. According to Gartner, 31% of IT employees are women.

While these statistics offer some relief that some representation of women can be seen in top companies, there’s still a long way to go in narrowing the skills gap.

One such company that is playing a role is Amazon Web Services (AWS) alongside The Dream Collective – a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultancy – through the SheDares initiative

SheDares is an online learning programme that aims to inspire and encourage professional women to consider a career in the technology industry, and show them pathways to consider – for free. While it was designed to target women in Australia, it is available globally. 

The programme was developed based on research that confirmed barriers to women considering infiltrating the tech sector. Studies found that women perceived steep learning curves, confusion in knowing where to start, which careers to explore, and a lack of visible female role models to learn from. 

With SheDares, women across the globe will be able to overcome these barriers. 


The free programme consists of four online, 45-minute self-paced modules. Women learn a number of things on the course, including expanding their perspectives about new economy roles and opportunities that exist across tech and non-tech roles, how other women have transitioned into tech from non-tech backgrounds, and how to gain access to potential career opportunities.

The programme’s four goals are broken down into four modules: Opening minds, aligning skills, overcoming barriers, and inspiring action. 

In just four to six hours, early- to mid-career professional women will enjoy practical advice on breaking into tech; they will be provided with worksheets to apply new knowledge; a gamified career skills quiz; and invitations to fireside chats with women who have once been in their shoes and are now thriving in the roles they wish to one day assume. 

While these informational modules lay a solid foundation, three distinct pathways offer learners a more tailored guidance. 


The Job Ready pathway offers practical recommendations for deeper learning by granting access to cloud training courses, designed by AWS experts. It also prepares them for AWS certification exams, which could be used to boost their CVs. 

The Ready to Pivot pathway was designed for women looking for job opportunities but do not know where to begin. It helps them by providing information and various links to opportunities at AWS, its customers, and Australian partners. It also highlights targeted job placement programmes such as AWS re/Start and AWS Tech U. 

Last but not least, SheDares offers the Explore a Little More pathways, which keeps participants up-to-date on upcoming events that could boost their employability. It highlights AWS workshops on innovation, hiring webinars, AWS Cloud Essentials webinars and more. 

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