LinkedIn Learning: 5 marketing courses you can finish under two hours

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Seth Godin is one go the most well-known names in 21st century marketing. His blog is also one of the most trafficked on the internet.

By Shekinah Kannan 

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Did you know that there are over four billion internet users in the world today? As more businesses shift online and gain access to an enormous potential of customers at their fingertips, many are beginning to realise the importance of being able to reach out to their customers on the digital sphere.

According to the Harvard Business Review, companies of all sizes are looking to improve the effectiveness of their marketing. Digital platforms can play an important role in the way brands are discovered, shared, and experienced.


Many of today’s consumers, for instance, use Google to research products or services before making purchases — this includes reading reviews left by previous customers.

Companies can also improve their visibility by focusing on SEO to increase traffic to their websites. Enterprises need individuals who can manage their social media presence and produce online and offline marketing materials to communicate with their customers. 

That said, training in marketing can help any professional learn new skills quickly – especially ideal for those without the time to learn what marketing strategies work and what doesn’t through trial and error.

To give your business the best chance of success, equipping yourself with some marketing skills can be useful. LinkedIn Learning is known for producing quality content that is interactive, relevant, affordable, and more importantly – accessible. 

To enhance your marketing skills – and fast, here are five short LinkedIn Learning courses worth exploring:

Marketing foundations

This 49-minute course is instructed by Drew Boyd, a professor and consultant with over 30 years of experience in marketing for major brands. In this course, he explains marketing’s role in the organisation. He also provides frameworks for analysing a business and its competitors, developing a strategy for everything from pricing to promotion, and creating tactical programmes that link your strategy to real-world campaigns.

Writing a Marketing Plan

Also instructed by Drew Boyd, this programme helps anyone — from marketing professionals to small business owners — write effective marketing plans. It also teaches learners to assemble a cross-functional team, analyse an existing market, and break down the plan’s components into focused sections, covering strategy and tactical implementation. The course can be completed in just 38 minutes.

Marketing Tools: SEO

In this 58-minute course, Sam Dey covers SEO tool kit essentials. These include Google Webmaster Tools, Page Speed Insights, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Keyword Planner, Google Structured Data, SEMRush, MOz Opensite Explorer, Buzzstream, and more. Upon completion, you’ll learn to use SEO performance to gauge how their site is doing, see how it stacks up against the competition, and make measurable improvements.


Marketing on LinkedIn

Nobody could teach marketing on LinkedIn better than LinkedIn. In this course, Michaela Alexis teaches several methods to market a brand on the platform. In just 57 minutes, she explains wow-worthy profiles, content worth creating, targeting the right people, starting the right conversations, and more.

Marketing Communications

In just an hour and 34 minutes, marketing expert Deirdre Breakenridge touches on researching marketing communication needs; crafting marketing plans that help professionals connect with their audiences; and leveraging PR, social media, and email marketing strategies. Breakenridge also discusses what methods one should use to launch a campaign and track a programme through a measurement dashboard.