Online MBA application do’s and don’ts every applicant should know

SOURCE: Cindy Ord/Getty Images/AFP
Applying for your MBA soon? Make sure to keep these tips in mind.

By U2B Staff 

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With people furloughed or unemployed during the pandemic and economic crisis, many are seeing it as an opportunity to upskill themselves with an online MBA programme. Some universities have seen an increase in MBA applicants in recent months from those looking to improve business and management skills.

Applying for an MBA can be an overwhelming process. Although GMAT and English proficiency scores are being waived in many business schools in light of the pandemic, there are still plenty of procedures before you submit your MBA application.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you’re applying to business schools for an online MBA programme.


Do check the entry requirements carefully

Every reputable online MBA programme will have a set of entry requirements that will determine your eligibility and application process.

For some, you may need a few years of working experience, while others will accept you based on your undergraduate degree.

While some don’t require the GMAT or GRE score, you can still submit them to boost your chances. Take note of this when applying to business school and determine if you’ll need to take one of these exams before applying.

Do check the deadlines – and respect them

There are deadlines when submitting your online MBA application, so once you’ve narrowed down your search, make sure you take note of them.

Some may be offering deadline extensions due to the pandemic, so make sure you’ve got the correct date and plan your application process accordingly.

Do spend time on the admissions essay

The admissions essay is your chance to show the business school you’re applying to who you really are and what your goals are.

Don’t underestimate the admissions essay as it could make or break your application. Make sure it’s honest, well-written, proofread and free from spelling and grammatical errors before submitting your online MBA application.

Don’t miss virtual information sessions

Can’t decide on a particular programme or b-school? Even though you can’t physically attend a campus due to travel restrictions and campus closures, you can still get in touch through virtual information sessions.

Contact the department or university and ask if you can set up one of these so you can discuss your goals and find out more about the programme before deciding if it’s a good fit for you.

You can also find out if you can access virtual internships through your online MBA programme so you can gain hands-on skills and valuable work experience even though travel restrictions are still in place.

Doing your research beforehand can make all the difference when you start your online MBA programme as you’ll know what to expect.

Don’t rush your application

Although there are deadlines to be aware of, take your time before applying for an online MBA programme. It’s a big decision and you’ll need to spend a few weeks making sure you have everything in order.

Don’t rush the application but instead, take time to go through each step so that you won’t face any issues down the line.

As you’ll be applying for an online MBA programme, you should also be sure of the exact delivery and how you will be submitting your assignments and attending virtual lectures before you apply.

Keep in mind that online MBA programmes won’t include certain elements such as networking and in-person internships. If this is what you’re after, maybe you should consider waiting until next year when in-person classes may resume for MBA programmes.

Take your time to decide what is best for you before making the important decision to apply for an online MBA.