Future-proof your career by upskilling in these areas

SOURCE: Kena Betancur/Getty Images/AFP
Upskilling in tech and non-tech fields can improve your chances of succeeding in the future workforce.

By Aisyah Liliana 

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In the age of digital transformation, traditional careers are already being taken over by automation and the increasingly popular gig economy, which in turn creates new and exciting job roles. This change requires professional upskilling in some tech and some n0n-tech areas that can

If you are currently seeking employment, or are already part of the workforce, it is important to be aware of these employment market changes and then adapt accordingly to become a part of a newly transformed talent pool.

A report by the World Economic Forum, Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping Opportunity in the New Economy offers some insight.

Their report outlines seven professional clusters – Care Economy; Data and AI; Engineering and Cloud Computing; Green Economy; People and Culture; Product Development; and Sales, Marketing, and Content – along with the top roles within those clusters.

Highly required skill areas in the tech sector:

  • Data and AI

AI Specialist, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Big Data Developer, Data Analyst, Analytics Specialist, Data Consultant, Insights Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, and Analytics Consultant are the professions highlighted under this cluster.

Professionals should consider upskilling to develop the top skills listed under this cluster include Data Science, Data Storage Technologies, Development Tools, AI, and Web Development.

  • Engineering and Cloud Computing

The role of an engineer will continue to play a pivotal role in the future. The report notes that some of the emerging jobs in this area include Site Reliability Engineer, Python Developer, and Full Stack Engineer.

Crucial skills in this area include, but are not limited to, Development Tools, Web Development, Data Storage Technologies, Computer Networking, and Employee Learning & Development.

  • Product Development

Product Owner, Agile Coach, and Scrum Master are among the large-scale emerging jobs in this cluster.

Development Tools are among the top 10 skills listed under this cluster. It is labeled as “Tech Disruptive Skills”, which are skills that allow individuals to use and design technologies that are set to impact business models and the labour market in significant ways over the coming years.


Top upskilling areas in the non-tech sector:

  • Green Economy

Sustainability is high on the political agenda and necessary for our survival, so upskilling in this area is essential. A McKinsey survey has shown that many companies are actively integrating sustainability principles into their businesses, while larger shares of executives say sustainability programmes make a positive contribution to their companies’ short- and long-term value.

Some of the jobs to look out for under this cluster include Methane/Landfill Gas Generation System Technicians, Green Marketers, Solar Energy Installation Managers, Water Resource Specialists, Chief Sustainability Officers, and Sustainability Specialists.

The top skills required by individuals under this cluster are highly varied and include technical and cross-functional skills such as Digital Marketing, Wind Turbines, Social Media, and Health and Safety Standards.

  • People and Culture

The emerging jobs under this cluster are shorter than the others. The five future jobs in this area include Information Technology Recruiter, Human Resources Partner, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Business Partner, and Human Resources Business Partner.

Some skills worth upskilling in this field include Recruiting, Human Resources, Digital Literacy, and Foreign Languages.

  • Sales, Marketing, and Content

There are several roles under this cluster, with jobs including Customer Success Specialist, Content Specialist, Digital Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, and Ecommerce Specialist.

Some of the skills important in this cluster include Digital Marketing, Social Media, Business Management, Graphic Design, Leadership, and Writing.

  • Care Economy

Some of the large-scale emerging jobs under this cluster include Medical Transcriptionists, Physical Therapist Aides, Radiation Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Medical Equipment Preparers, and Healthcare Support Workers.

While many of the skills necessary in this field of work vary according to industry, some of the skills top skills that will be important in those professions include Respiratory Therapy, Caregiving, Sterile Procedures/Techniques, Vital Signs Measurement, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).