Postgraduate programmes in cloud computing

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Competency in cloud computing highlights to employers that you are skilled in a way that will help their organisation reduce risks and costs to implement projects on different cloud platforms.

By U2B Staff 

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Cloud computing is a skill that will help today’s IT professionals stay relevant. It has become a critical aspect for major companies around the world, even more so now that almost every digital product or service is connected to the cloud in one way or another. 

According to Microsoft Azure, simply put, it is the delivery of computing services, including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence, over the internet or the cloud” to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. 

Typically, you only pay for cloud services you use, helping you lower your operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently and scale as your business needs change.

According to forecasts and market estimates by Forbes, more than US$1.3 trillion in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to cloud by 2022. 28% of spending within key enterprise IT markets will shift to the cloud by 2022, up from 19% in 2018. The largest cloud shift before 2018 occurred in application software, particularly driven by customer relationship management (CRM) software, with Salesforce dominating as the market leader.


Professionals who pursue postgraduate studies in cloud computing go on to study technology, business management, data analytics, computer programming and more. Educated graduates generally have excellent programming skills which has proven to be valuable as the world advances to be more digital than ever. 

These individuals graduate to become specialists in the field with a higher level of education that can open more job prospects than a bachelor’s degree on its own. Organisations are desperate for trained cloud computing experts, and the earning potential is high. According to GlassDoor, cloud architects can expect an average salary of US$107,309 a year, while cloud developers earn an average of US$99,292 a year.

“Cloud is now what we call the new normal. It’s no longer an experiment, it’s no longer an after-thought. When you talk to most companies, it is no longer about why they should use cloud, but when they should use it”, says Vincent Quah, regional head of education, research, healthcare and non-profit organisations for Amazon Web Services

Here are some universities offering postgraduate programmes in cloud computing:

Newcastle University offers an MSc in Cloud C0mputing 

The Cloud Computing MSc can be completed in a year for full-time students, and in two-years for part-time students. 

This course focuses on both theory and practice, ensuring students graduate able to understand and implement cloud computing applications. Key topics include advanced object-oriented programming, data mining and big data analytics.

The University of Leeds, School of Computing offers an MSc in Cloud C0mputing 

The Advanced Computer Science (Cloud Computing) MSc programme equips students with specialist knowledge. 

Relevant to the fast growing field of cloud computing, students will explore a range of advanced topics in computer science, programming, algorithms and specialist modules in advanced distributed systems, especially cloud techniques, technologies and applications. 


National College of Ireland offers a postgraduate diploma in Cloud COmputing

The Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Cloud Computing’s contents provide digital skills that are up-to-date and relevant industry needs in cloud-related areas such as virtualisation, storage management, programming for data analytics, software development and engineering, application services and cloud security. 

The programme is focused on addressing a range of core cloud technology skills assembled into two different sub-areas of specialisation, development and infrastructure.

Caltech CTME and Simplilearn

Ranked the #1 cloud computing programme by Economic Times, the Post Graduate Programme in Cloud Computing online certification course was jointly designed to develop experts in Azure, AWS and GCP. 

Through the teachings of this course, students will gain expert knowledge in designing, planning and scaling cloud implementation. This course also enables learners to master the core skill sets required to design and deploy dynamically scalable and reliable applications on top cloud platform providers.

University of Maryland via edX

The MicroMasters Programme in Cloud Computing is an eight-month, instructor-led online course that consists of four graduate-level courses that cover enterprises, infrastructure, engineering, management and security.  

Through this course, learners will gain an understanding of widely-used cloud technologies and how to leverage them to increase business productivity and effectiveness. Included is key foundational knowledge about legal and compliance issues, security and risk mitigation and how to follow industry standards and best practices, with hands-on experience in implementing, configuring and managing cloud technologies.