Universities today are more than institutes of higher learning.

They are also large-scale real estate owners, people managers and facilities operators. And together with business, they are the world’s innovation engine rooms, where curiosity and knowledge combine with commercial acumen to create tomorrow’s groundbreaking inventions.

U2B is the news portal that covers that journey.

We write stories about the groundbreaking new inventions and projects they produce and collaborate on.

We explain how partnerships get formed, their objectives, pain points, outcomes and impact on the economy and wider society.

We study multimillion-dollar procurement decisions by leading HE providers. We analyse new projects and contract opportunities. And we highlight the ones that deliver the best value.

We invite you to check out U2B Live, our world-first searchable database of live university contract notices that our global digital and editorial teams update daily. This powerful tool gives you direct access to billions of dollars worth of university contract opportunities – opportunities we deliver to your inbox every day.

Our content is written for future-facing business leaders and educators, global change agents who, like us, see collaboration as tomorrow’s beating pulse.

The team at U2B is part of Hybrid, the publisher of global web brands Study International, TechHQ and Tech Wire Asia. From our offices in the UK, Australia and Malaysia, we serve an international readership that spans the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

Our extensive experience in higher education and technology mean we know that the best innovations are driven by collaborative partnerships between universities and businesses around the world.

And through U2B, we help bring them together.


Clara Chooi

Managing Editor, Education

Aisyah Liliana

Education Writer

Gareth Hook

Sales Director EMEA

Emma Talbot

Sales Director APAC

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